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Treatments - Guinot Facials

Guinot are a multi award winning French skincare brand. They have been at the forefront of technology and focus on innovative treatments using active ingredients which have proven results. Their aim is to offer the best products and services for women’s beauty. They were the first skincare brand to create skincare products with Cellulair Life Complex, which contains 56 biological active ingredients. These ingredients are used in hospitals to create new skin, a breakthrough that allowed them to constantly improve and perfect their anti aging range.

Age Summum Treatment

"Take years off your face"

€92, course of 3, €250

This one hour treatment begins using Gommage Dermabrasion, allowing for complete absorption of active ingredients . This is followed by applying a highly concentrated Vitamin C cream, using stimulating movements, to boost cellular regeneration. Serum Age Summum, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid is massaged into skin to help tighten slackened contours and promote firmer skin.

The Pro Collagen tissue mask is applied which soothes and nourishes skin. Your skin visibly appears more youthful after one facial and with up to 87% increase in elasticiity after a course of 3.


“Star of Beauty Treatment"

Price €70, course of 3, €200

This exclusive Guinot treatment which is suitable for all skin types, begins by cleansing and exfoliating face and décolleté. Ionised gels are applied which have active ingredients and these are massaged into skin using rollers with Galvanic Energy.

Congestion is removed and an Oxygenated cream is applied. This promotes healing, stimulates cellular regeneration and boosts circulation. Afterwards a relaxing massage is carried out and masks are applied. Your skin is transformed, looks radiant and feels “clean"

Hydradermie with Age Logic Yeux

“Best treatment for entire eye contour"

Price, €92

This Super facial combines the Hydradermie with an extra treatment for eye contours area. More time is spent using a specific Age Logic Yeux serum which helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. A longer massage around the eye contour area, using a highly concentrated serum is followed by application of a tissue eye mask which is soaked in Pro Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

Age Logic Yeux Treatment
Price, €55, Course of 3, €150

Hydradermie Lift

“The Instant Lifting Facial"

Price, €92

This is a nonsurgical facial which stimulates facial muscles, firming the facial contours, leaving face and neck more defined and skin more youthful. There are 4 variations.

Lift Express: €50
Lift Deluxe: €70
Hydradermie plus Lift Express: €103
Hydradermie with Age Logic Yeux plus Lift Express: €138


“My skin is clear and radiant “

Price, €36

A short 30mins facial using a Thermoclean electrode to clean skin, by working on both sweat and sebaceous glands. Ideal as an introduction to skin care.



Thalgo laboratories were created in 1994 and work closely with renowned phycologists. Created from the sea, Thalgo takes the Marine and Ecology environment very seriously and are committed to all aspects of sustainability in every aspect of developing their brand. Each Thalgo product is a genuine concentrate of Marine effectiveness and has total affinity with our skin.

MCeutic facial

Price, €92

This one hour facial starts with Eveil à la Mer, a Welcome Massage to relax client. Then, after a double cleanse the Peel In solution is applied to face and neck. A hand and arm massage is carried out. The solution is neutralised and Pro Detox is massaged using draining movements. Afterwards, pure Marine Mesolift, an exclusive Thalgo Patent Complex is applied. This boosts cell metabolism and preserves youthful skin. It contains 34 Marine nutrients, Hyaluronic Acid and Cell Nucleosides, “marine botox" An appropriate mask is applied to leaves skin soothed. Results are amazing, skin tone is clearer, more even and texture is refined.

Peelin Marin

“New Skin Effect"

Price, €55

Course of 3, €150

A forty minute treatment starts with double cleanse, followed by application of Peel Solution, always starting with Grade 1. A head massage is carried out while peel works. This is neutralised and Soothing Repair Balm is massaged into skin. A course of 3 is recommended which can result in a reduction of deep wrinkles by up to 10.2% and improvement of skin tone by up to 85%.

Lumiere Marine Facial

Price, €70

“1st Anti-dark Spot facial with “Hero Active Ingredients", Brown Algae extract, with innovative triple exfoliating, resulting in brighter skin. This facial uses a very mild but highly effective anti-pigmentation peel. After cleansing and exfoliating, a clarifying peel is applied to face and neck. A hand and arm massage is carried out. Your skin is neutralised with a Regenerating Digitopressure Massage. The Brightening Mask, which contains the Hero Brown Algae extract and Vitamin C is brushed on. The treatment ends with application of correcting serum, containing Hyaluronic Acid and the brightening cream. Homecare is advised and use of retail products can result in up to 90% brighter skin, with 77% reduction in redness.

Source Marine Ritual

“Prepare to immerse all your senses in “The Heart of the Ocean"

Price, €67

A One hour relaxing facial, that will detoxify your skin and restore a rosy complexion. After relaxing with the Thalgo , Welcome massage, your skin is gently exfoliated and Absolute Radiance Concentrate serum is applied. This serum is quickly avsorbed into the deepest layer of epidermis where it works to hydrate skin from within. A twenty minute face, neck and shoulder massage is enjoyed using Oligo Marine massage cream, rich in Marine Spring Water, Macadamia Oil and Marine Nutrients. A cream mask is brushed onto skin, followed by a thin layer of Marine Infusion Mask, a rubberised mask rich in Seve Marine and EPA type Omega 3.

Body Treatments

Swedish Body Massage: €67
Aromatherapy Body Massage: €70
Body Exfoliation: €40



Hand & Feet Treatments

Pedicure (standard): €52
Callus Peel Pedicure: €50

Manicure (standard): €27
Nailtiques Treatment Manicure: €37
Shellac Manicure: €32


Tinting & Tanning

Lash Tinting (patch test 24hrs prior): €15
Spray Tan using IT Tan (patch test 24hrs prior): €30
He-Shi Tan also available



Hair Removal

Waxing, using  Tea Tree Cream Wax.


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